Street Children and Money in Relation to Covid-19 Virus: Case Study for the Street Children in the Republic of South Sudan


  • Ndorom Owen Institute of Peace, Development and Security Studies University of Juba, P.O. Box 82. Juba – South Sudan
  • Jean Banyanga d’Amour


Street children, Money, Covid-19 Virus and South Sudan


Living as a street child is a miserable situation, and additionally, the Covid-19 pandemic that has affected millions of people and killed thousands of humans worldwide is very alarming. Money is desired by any person for its role in purchasing things essential for living. Street children beg for money and sometimes they resort to pickpocketing from people who could be carrying the Coronavirus. This study investigates the life of street children and money in relationship to Covid-19 in South Sudan. This argument is presented through an analysis of existing literature and documents on the matter. A sample of 197street children found in the streets of Juba and Yei, including eight children who were sex-workers, filled in a questionnaire. In the sample, 43.7% slept in the street. The study found that street children are at risk of contracting the Coronavirus, and because of underlying poor health conditions, they are at a higher risk of developing complications.