The Effects of Non-Communication on Individual and Social Life in the Communication Age, which is Caused by Social Distance Problem Based on Technological Social Isolation


  • Emine Öztürk Prof. Dr., Kafkas University Faculty of Theology, Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Sadagat Abbasova


Non-communication, communication, technological social isolation, age of communication.


Today, we all live 24/7 online with our computers, tablets and smart phones. We are at the center of communication tools in all environments at home, workplace, hospital, school, etc. and we are always open to communication. While a high level of interaction is expected between people in such an environment, according to most studies, people of our age are far away from establishing a sustainable communication environment with each other. With the development of technology, many problems in interpersonal communication and corporate communication come to the fore, despite the communication tools that have become a life phenomenon that is increasingly common in all areas of life. Here are some of the problems caused by non-communication in the age of communication we are in. 1.Stressful Office Environment and a 2. A Stressful Life. In our daily life equipped with a wide variety of communication tools, it is so easy to reach and communicate with each other, a common non-communication problem arises. Analyzes should be made in order to establish a healthy and sustainable communication environment in terms of both corporate communication and interpersonal communication, the existing communication environments should be evaluated, the deficiencies should be eliminated, if necessary, personal and corporate development should be provided by receiving trainings in this field. Therefore, this presentation will examine the problem of non-communication in the age of communication.