EUSER is a scientific research center which organizes academic events.
It has drawn devoted authors and participants worldwide achieving mass acceptance.

With more than 10,000 participants from the world’s major cities, EUSER has become a trusted platform and a network of academics, scholars and researchers.

The journals which have been published by EUSER have now been moved to a new platform, Revistia Publishing, London. 

Our purpose is to provide a better standard in terms of indexing.
This way, we believe that your articles will be more accessed and better cited.

EUSER will dedicate itself just to organizing academic events for which it has proven to be successful since 2013.

Please click on the title of a journal to go to the current issues on the new platform.

You can also reach the past issues in the Archive section of each journal.
Please note that this is a change of the publisher not the journals.
The specifics of the journals such as board, ISSN and past articles, remain the same.

All the past links and DOIs will still point to your article in the new platform.

EJED - European Journal of Education

EJIS - European Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

EJLS - European Journal of Language and Literature Studies

EJME - European Journal of Marketing and Economics

EJSS - European Journal of Social Sciences

EJSER - European Journal of Social Sciences Education and Research

EJMS - European Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

EJES - European Journal of Economics

EJMN - European Journal of Medicine and Natural Sciences

EJEF - European Journal of Engineering and Formal Sciences

(The download links, full issues and DOIs have been added.)