Personality Dimensions and Importance of the Social Role of the University Student in Explaining Student Involvement in Student Organization


  • Marijana Markovikj
  • Eleonora Serafimovska


student organization, personality dimensions, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, student involvement, social role of the university student.


In order to explore the student involvement in the student organization, field research was conducted amongst 669 students. The research instrument contained a questionnaire on students’ perception and satisfaction of the student organization; two scales of IPIP NEO (short form): Agreeableness (A) and Conscientiousness (C), and one dimension of the Laponce’s questionnaire: the importance of the social role of the university student. The analysis of the overall obtained data showed a very low level of involvement in student organization and a weak expression of the importance of the social role of the university student. A relatively weak connection between two personality dimensions and the involvement of students in the student organization has been found. A student’s involvement is determined more by the importance of the role, than by personality dimensions.