An Investigation in Environmental Education and Sustainability in Mexico: A Study of Tendencies and Challenges


  • Liberio Victorino Ramírez
  • Areopagita Yésyka Bustillos Gómez



scientific production, environmental education, sustainability.


The intention of this article is to analyze the scientific production in the field of investigation in Environmental Education for sustainability in Mexico during the decade 2002-2012. This was done with the purpose of informing researchers of the achievements, trends and challenges ahead in this area of investigation. In order to stablish a framework to determine the current state of knowledge firstly, researchers set up work teams primarily on a national scale, both regional and federal, to detect the scientific production in distinct institutions at university level, and in formal and informal educational sectors; secondly, they read and reviewed the gathered material to make an extensive analysis of its contents determined by the type of investigation, as well as distinctive characteristics and scientific contribution. This article concludes with recognizing the advances realized, including the trends and challenges to achieve investigations of improved quality and social relevance in the field of research on sustainability in Mexico.