Policymaking in a Multiethnic State, the Legal Changes, Practice of Macedonia


  • Besa Kadriu South East European University
  • Blerta Arifi




Policymaking, law, multi-ethnicity, reform institutions, bodies


In contemporary terms and conditions, in addition to economic and social factors, political processes are one of the basic components of the proper functioning of a multi-ethnic state. Examples of proper practices of multiethnic states which operate in conformity with international standards, within the EU structures abound. This is in a group of countries which have previously significantly overcome the problems of transition and reform of the political system and have managed to establish standard which are inaccessible and levels of genuine democracy. The paper has aspirations to take into consideration the comparative aspects which can serve as a good example of the changes and development of the country towards Euro-Atlantic structures. That it happens with Western Balkan countries. The situation becomes even more difficult, especially in those cases where states and societies of the population is heterogeneous structure; Case of Macedonia, being convinced that has to do with a diverse population, the country still today fails to cross the barriers of the past from the old system. Institutions and decision-making bodies, now more than ever need to change policymaking process, prevention of discrimination and compliance values of the political, economic and social conformity with European standards