The Gender Equality


  • Mirela Shameti



gender equality, CEDAW, local governance, gender quotas, decision-making, policy-making


The subject of this topic is the gender equality as a fundamental right and part of the human rights. As such it deserves the proper attention and position in the society. This paper aims to explicate the significance and implementation of the principles of the rates on gender equality. It also explicates discrimination in base of gender with regard to the involvement of woman in decision-making and political life of a certain country. These principles of the gender equality will be analyzed in the local and international aspect. Therefore, the study field is going to be comprehensive, but leaving somehow in darkness the historical aspect. This, for the only fact that I think it is a very specific subject, and the historical background is understandable. In the international relations women have had an important role mostly because of their ability to achieve peace. Outlook feminists say that women should be used and exploited for their talent. Since, women instead of being chosen to adapt the men’s games, may change the rules of the game themselves in order to reflect the fact that “average” women may be the main actors in the important roles of the international relations, but unfortunately this remains only a theory. Moreover, the analysis will also focus in the actual aspect of the implementation of the gender equality, the role and importance given to the principles of this right for a well-functioning of the society with equal rights. Even though in a modest way, the goal is that by means of this topic I could make a contribution no matter how minimal about women rights in this field. Women should know how much they are worth and that their role in a democratic society is much greater than the maintenance of the home and taking care for the children. They have all the potential to govern a country in the same way or sometimes even better than men. Feminist currents believe that a world in which most of the politicians or the military would have been women could have been a different world.