Violence Against Children at Home and Family in Kosovo Society. the Prevalence, Types and Perpetrators of Violence


  • Armen Mustafa Service of Kosovo, Ministry of Justice



Violence, neglect, psychological violence, sexual violence, physical violence


The main purpose of this study was to study the level of violence against children in the family and home, types of violence, and perpetrators. This study is based on the study of a sample of 618 children grades 10-12, from high schools of Pristina. The sample was subjected to a questionnaire, made up of 4 questions for each type of violence: neglect, psychological violence, physical violence and sexual violence. The results of this study show that during their lifetime, nearly 30% of children at least once felt neglected, over 44% at least once have experienced psychological violence, 35% physical violence and 11% sexual violence. Mostly children experience violence in the home and family, by people who are not part of the immediate family (19.7%), followed by parents (18. 6%) and siblings (10.7%). Girls experienced more neglect and psychological violence, while boys more physical and sexual violence. Neglect and sexual violence against children are expressed more in urban environments, while physical and psychological violence more in rural areas. The data shows that children more experience violence from family members of the same sex. Fathers and brothers are those who practice more violence against boys, while mothers and sisters more to girls.