The Role, Responsibilities and Duties of the Homeroom Teacher in Albania Education System During the Communist Regime (1945 – End of ’60-S)


  • Lindita Treska European University of Tirana
  • Tomi Treska



Education, homeroom teacher, school, ideologization and politization, Communist Party


Education is one of the most sensitive topics on a worldwide scale as it is one of the core components for a qualitative future generation. In Albania, education is always related and affected by the greatest political movements and events of the country’s history. As such important, observation the history education evolution can serve as a great source of understanding different issues that today society is facing and by the quality and quantity of the actual education we can invest in a better future for the country. The emphasis in this research is put at the period in between 1945 until end of ’60 as a timeframe snapshot of the evolution of the Albanian education. Extreme ideologization and politicization, are the key features of the role, responsibilities and duties of the homeroom teacher during the 50’s but that doesn’t mean that it continues the same for the homeroom teacher at the end of ‘60s. The ideologization and politicization expansion in Albanian schools comes intensified significantly based on the political and economic relations in between Albania and the Soviet Union. This is clearly expressed in the majority of articles and explication by the specialized pedagogical bodies in the periodicals of the time. Despite the fact that the model of the homeroom teacher had to be oriented toward the soviet model, some core features/functions are not changed as; The homeroom teacher been a key figure in the Albanian school, high school as well as seven grade education; He/she was responsible for the progress of his/her students, for order and discipline in class and the education of the class as a collective and each student of it; To achieve his/her role, the homeroom teacher must organize differentiated work as well as individual with students, to collaborate with other teachers with the pioneer and youth organization, with parents and with the school, where was obliged also to report periodically; In conclusion, although the Communist Party was inducting its models in the school and specifically in the role, responsibilities and duties of the homeroom teacher, this key role created some core values and competences inside the institution that would remain mostly untouched throughout different political changings