The Profile of Tomorrow’s School Teacher


  • Marta Topçiu University “Aleksander Xhuvani”,



profile, teacher, professionalism, modern world.


Nowadays teachers are precious! The list of features that will be considered in this article is not a mere "static" description of the professional teacher we know but it is a set of attributes that should be developed in the name of tomorrow’s new professionalism that raises numerous requests. Traditional competences need to be enriched and complemented (replenished) with new ones. The new form of professionalism requires teachers who want to work and have the concern to lay the foundations of lifelong learning; it requires teachers who want to cultivate creative personalities, open-minded people, individuals who worship free and deep thought and individuals who are devoted to innovation. Teaching in tomorrow’s world is a challenge. The modern world does not deal with what is already known; it is interested in what we can do with what we know. Only in this way, school helps the society adapt to economic, social and technological changes. Only this way teachers fulfill their mission which regards helping the general progress. Only this way, in front of people with diplomas, the ability to think differently and to be creative will make the difference. Nowadays pupils have grown up with the internet and the numerical media, and this constitutes the point of reference for them. The whole generation is situated in a special rapport with information and the new ways of socializing. This evolution should not be put aside by teachers. The issue that rises in front of them, particularly those who are not grown up in this kind of universe, does not question whether to go towards this evolution or not, but rather use it in an effective way. New perspectives and difficulties open up to us. Only like this, teachers fulfill their mission in support of the overall progress. It will be exactly the ability to think differently and act creatively that would make the difference among graduates in the future. It remains to be seen to what extent the stakeholders, especially the teachers, will be willing to invest in the new professionalism that the school of tomorrow requires