Gender Dimension in Education: Problems and Barriers in the Process of Gender Socialization in Albanian Schools


  • Aida Zhupa
  • Dorina Zenelaj



Gender Socialization, Gender Education, Text Books, Teacher’s Rol.


Gender education is a major problem in Albanian schools at all levels. The proposed paper examines how various gender issues, are treated in the textbooks. Text analysis from a gender perspective, is used as method to determine the presence and treatment of gender issues in various textbooks. Admittedly, textbooks continue to play a crucial role as the basic instrument of education. Text analysis includes: text illustrations, gender stereotypes and prejudices, gender authority and leadership. On the other hand, this study, will focus on the important role of teachers which with their formation and personality, have a direct impact on students. The paper argues that every teacher should select those methods, which encourage discussion and reflection of gender situations, adapted to the cultural level and age of students. Teachers, along with textbooks should fulfill better the noble mission of education, of spiritual emancipation, material progress and the social development of students as social individuals.