The Concept of Male and Masculinity, as for Adolescents Age 15-18, in the up Northern Region of Albanian Society, a Reflection of the Gender Culture in Albania


  • Helga Dizdari



gender, identity, masculinity, femininity, stereotypes


One specific component of identity development is gender identity, which refers to the development of a broad set of characteristics that distinguish between men and females and includes personal attributes, social roles, social customs, activities, and behaviors. It is though that during mid-adolescence gender is quite rigid and stereotyped. This study explored the perceptions of young male adolescents on gender roles, masculinity and stereotypes. The results confirmed that the male adolescents aged 15-18, are holders of rigid gender stereotyped roles which match perfectly with those of a masculine society as described by Hofstede (2001). Adolescents at this age (15-18) didn’t experienced gender identity crisis, as it might be generally thought.