Demographic Ageing of the Population in Bulgaria


  • Mariana Mourgova University of National and World Economy



ageing, age structure, death rate, birth rate, migration


Bulgaria is one of the most rapidly ageing countries in the world. The article examines the shift in the age structure of the population in Bulgaria in the period 1960-2014 as a result of the change in the main demographic factors – birth rate, death rate and external migration. The shift in some main measures of population ageing such as median age, dependency ratio and old age dependency ratio is presented and a comparison with some European countries is done. The results show that as a result of the decrease in birth rate, increased life expectancy and external migration, the age structure of the population of Bulgaria is changing and the proportion of the older people becomes higher while the proportion of the younger people decreases. The median age in Bulgaria is one of the highest and the dependency ratios are one of the lowest in Europe mainly due to the decrease in the birth rate