Impact of Wars and Conflicts on Women and Children in Middle East: Health, Psychological, Educational and Social Crisis


  • Yaser Snoubar Yıldırım Beyazıt Üniversitesi
  • Nurdan Duman



wars and conflicts. Middle East Society, Health, psychological and social crises


The wars and armed conflicts in many regions of the world and especially in the Middle East have an eloquent impact on all life's happenings most especially in areas affected. Wars destroys community infrastructure such as health, education and other social services sectors. As of present, the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East had left a significant impact on the family and the individual in the areas affected. In the family, it has lead to disintegration and roles change. It is also lead to forced migration and asylum. At the individual level, it have impacted negatively in terms of psychology, social and physical wellbeing. Women and children are the most affected by traumatic events of war and they are the most vulnerable to all types of exploitation and abuse. The devastating effects of war on this vulnerable group can hardly be overemphasized. This paper discusses the problems faced by children and women in war and conflict zones. It also explores physical, mental health, social and educational crisis experienced by women and children in the Middle Eastern society. A society that is known to have witnessed many civil wars and armed conflicts. In addition, the study also discusses social and health services which must be provided to women and children in conflict affected area from the social work perspective.