Importance of School Social Work in War and Conflicts Zone


  • Nurdan Duman Hacettepe √úniversitesi
  • Yaser Snoubar



School social work, war and conflict, political violence, children victims of conflicts


Ongoing wars and conflicts in many countries in the world resulted in various problems effecting Men and societies, especially children. This situation requires serious professional interventions, especially in dealing with children affected by political violence. At the same time they are the most important group in social work interventions which aimed to protect, prevent and treat them. School is actually the best source to reach the children and their parents in such crises, as well it is a best source because it is where social work can help children and provide them with supporting services. Direct and indirect exposure to violence affects their behavior and growth requiring direct work with the child and his family. Undoubtedly that social work intervention with children in times of war and conflict requires sufficient skills and information about the difficulties they suffer. This article discusses the impact of living in an environment of war and conflict on children and the importance of school social work intervention.