Primary Science Teachers’ Perceptions of Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) In Malaysia


  • Mohammed Yousef Mai Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris
  • Mahizer Hamzah



İCT, TPACK, Science Education, Primary science teacher.


The integration of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in classrooms has been a challenge for the educational systems that aim to cope with the needs and the demands of the 21st century. The TPACK framework represents the knowledge needed by teachers bringing together content knowledge, technological knowledge and pedagogical knowledge with the aim of integrating ICTs into teaching-learning processes. The aim of this study is to determine the primary science teachers’ perceptions of technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) addressing teachers’ perceptions of the affordances of technology application in instruction. A total of 133 pr?mary science teachers in Malaysia were surveyed (Female= 67, Male= 66). Data were collected through “Technological Pedagogical and Content Knowledge” (TPACK) scale. The questionnaire consisted of 47 questions about TPACK and is based on the survey instrument developed by Schmidt et al. (2009). TPACK involving the seven factors of technological knowledge (TK), pedagogical knowledge (PK), content knowledge (CK), technological content knowledge (TCK), technological pedagogical knowledge (TPK), pedagogical content knowledge (PCK), as well as synthesized knowledge of technology, pedagogy, and content (TPC). The findings indicate that primary science teachers perceive higher self-confidence in pedagogical knowledge in general. Further, no differences between science teachers’ perceptions according to thier gender, while there are diferences between the teachers perceptions of PK, CK, and PCK accord?ng to their age