Development Through Good Governance


  • Marsida Ashiku “Aleksander Xhuvani” University,
  • Nada Krypa



good governance, development, international relations, Albania


Since the 1990s the concept ‘good governance’ has become one of the most widely used in debates in development, public policy and international relations. Despite its recent prominence the concept ‘good governance’ has frequently used in different meanings and implications. Following an introduction, which includes a historiographic note on development discourse, the first part of this paper is intended to be an overview of diverse definitions, interpretations and measuring problems of good governance. The purport of the second part of this paper is to focus on whether good governance matters in development or not, the performance of good governance in Albania. This paper has argued that good governance is indispensable in Albania, because misgovernance is a great hindrance and predicament to development. The politicization of bureaucracy, judiciary, appointment, transfer and promotion in all most all offices, lack of voice and accountability, inefficiency and satisfying the vested interest fall within the purview of misgovernance