Communication as the Center of Teaching/Learning Process of Foreign Languages (the Case of French Language)


  • Leonarda Myslihaka University “Aleksander Xhuvani”



communication, foreign language, teaching/learning, teacher/student, strategy, interaction.


Knowing at least one foreign language has become almost a necessity. However, in learning a foreign language, communication definitely plays a crucial role. Moreover, without communication there is no interaction, language teaching or learning. Communication is considered as very important and more and more is used as a useful tool to organize a pupil – centered lesson. In this article is treated the need to strengthen and highlight the communicative aspects in teaching foreign language, in our case French language, for a better learning of the language. The objective of learning a foreign language is to develop at pupils the communicative competences in this language. More and more we are going towards a method where communication is the one that realizes successfully the process of teaching and learning. The hypothesis that is set in the article is: Is communication the core element in teaching and learning a foreign language? Other research questions and cases that will be treated are: Communication methods of the foreign languages. What communicative skills are required to develop at pupils/students who learn a foreign language and the strategies of their lessons?; Linguistic competences and their communication role; Communication and the importance of interaction; Oral communication in teaching / learning French language, in the French and Italian language department, in “Aleksandër Xhuvani” university, Elbasan.