Is De Facto Partnership a Threat to Marriage? a Case Study from Macedonia


  • Irena Avirovic Faculty of Philosophy
  • Makedonka Radulovic



cohabitation, marriage, divorce, Macedonia.


The subject of this work is to examine whether the increased number of de facto partnerships could jeopardize the future of the marital institution in the Republic of Macedonia. The paper will provide existing statistical data on the number of marriages, divorces, and de facto partnerships in the country. Furthermore, it will analyze possible factors which have influenced the increased number of extra-marital communities in Macedonia. For the purposes of this paper we conducted a quantitative research with a sample of 120 respondents aged 18 to 22 years. The questionnaire was outlined to measure the perceptions of young people on marriage and cohabitation. In conclusion, the results from the respondents’ answers were used as an inclusive consideration for future projections and possible major projects.