Using Case Study Method in Project Management Education as a Tool for Improvement of Project Manager’s Skills


  • Ikbal Erbas Akdeniz University



case study, project manager, skill, technical skill, human skill, conceptual skill


Project management education is a kind of education which aims to equip students with necessary skills that they would need in real business life in their career as a project manager. For being succesful in project management education, case study method of teaching holds a very important position between the other methods. This study examines contributions of the case study method to the project management education in terms of improvement of the project manager`s skills. For this purpose in the scope of the study work flow process of the case study approach and main benefits of the approach are defined. Defined benfits` impacts on improvement of the project manager`s key skills are revealed. It is found out while the students are starting to improve their human skills when they begin to work as a group, improvement of technical and conceptual skills are provided during all phases of the process.