Physical Activity of Young Persons and Importance of Involvement of Parents to Increase Their Performance


  • Rovena Elmazi Sport University of Tirana
  • Migena Plasa



teacher, parent, cooperation, physical activity, motor development


Game and physical activity are the main tools for children to learn because they learn quickly through personal experience and multi-sensor teaching methods which encourage their natural sense of curiosity. Game, in all its forms, presents numerous possibilities for interaction of children with persons and objects in real and imaginary situations. Small children must have a committed specialist to interact even with the parents. In this way children will try hard to improve what they know better by helping and inspiring them as a way promoting interest and will to continue learning. Scholars consider quite positive the involvement of parents in the learning process because parents are constantly informed of the situation and progress of their children. This applies even to the classes of physical education and training sessions in all sports disciplines where teacher- parent cooperation would strongly affect the improvement of their children performance. By knowing better the specifics of sports activities and its role in their psycho-motor development, there have to be used all the possibilities to encourage children to be involved in sports activities and there have to be found all the possibilities to increase their performance. From ower experience as teacher of physical education, trainer of young ages and professional basketballer I have learned that involvement of parents and cooperation with them is extremely useful and this is the reason why I have elaborated further on this topic. An ideal environment for the children is a teaching environment of work flow, high quality and careful programme planning.