Adult Autism - Global Challenge of the Future


  • Elona Mano Europian University of Tirana,



autism, society, child, adult, law


There is an increase awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder recently. The truth is that tens of thousands face an autism diagnosis each year. Even though the integration of autistic children is the focus of many studies in the last decades, the problem remains unsolved. What happens with autistic children as adults? In addition, one of the biggest challenges in providing services to people with an autism spectrum disorder is that the needs change from person to person. This study is focused on parent`s point of view. During the interviews the participants raised some important issues. To have their children in the same classes with non-disabled children, was the first won battle of parents of autistic children, but integrating autistic individuals as adults in society seems to be just the cover of a big dilemma for parents of autistic children. Autistic child as adult is a real challenge for society worldwide.