Predictors of School Safety Awareness Among Malaysian Primary School Teachers


  • S.A. Ssekamanya International Islamic University
  • Mastura Badzis
  • Khamsiah Ismail
  • Dayang Shuzaidah Bt Abduludin



School Safety Awareness, Predictors of School Safety, Multiple Regression analysis, Malaysian Primary Schools


With rising incidents of school violence worldwide, educators and researchers are trying to understand and find ways to enhance the safety of children at school. The purpose of this study was to investigate the extent to which the demographic variables of gender, age, length of service, position, academic qualification, and school location predicted teachers’ awareness about school safety practices in Malaysian primary schools. A stratified random sample of 380 teachers was selected in the central Malaysian states of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor. Multiple regression analysis revealed that none of the factors was a good predictor of awareness about school safety training, delivery methods of school safety information, and available school safety programs. Awareness about school safety activities was significantly predicted by school location (whether the school was located in a rural or urban area). While these results may reflect a general lack of awareness about school safety among primary school teachers in the selected locations, a national study needs to be conducted for the whole country.