Subjective Predictors of Safe and Risky Behaviours. Presentation of Selected Results of the Studies Among Workers in Non-Traditional Forms of Employment


  • Małgorzata Dobrowolska University of Silesia



atmosphere of occupational safety and health, flexible workers


The paper presents selected results of the studies carried out among Polish workers in non-traditional forms of employment, using the Occupational Safety Culture Scale (Milczarek, 2000) consisting of 6 sub-scales: management commitment and participation; OSH training and analysis of accidents; values; relations between employees and affiliation to the company; responsibility and awareness; safe behaviours. All groups of the nine examined forms of flexible employment have declared the evaluation of occupational safety culture at the average level of 5-6 Sten, which shapes its following features. The paper presents selected results of the Author’s own broader research project on a sample of workers in non-traditional forms of employment