Assessment of Participation in Cultural Activities in Poland by Selected Multivariate Methods


  • Alicja Grześkowiak Wrocław University of Economics



participation in cultural activities, clustering methods, categorical data.


This paper presents analyses of participation in cultural activities by Poles. The analyses are carried out on the base of metric and non-metric data retrieved from the Eurobarometer survey. The study includes two main aspects: the comparison of the involvement in Poland with the situation in other European Union countries and the detection of similarities among various form of the engagement. The socio-economic background of the respondents is also taken into account, namely age, gender, place of residence and level in the society. Chosen multivariate methods are applied to identify regularities in the participation. The results of the analyses are presented graphically to facilitate the interpretation. A two-step procedure is used for a better understanding of the participation schemes. The first step includes the partition of qualitative variables into relatively homogenous groups leading to the reduction of the multidimensionality. The second step is focused on evaluating the participation with respect to the variables forming the identified clusters.