Experience of Pediatric Patients with Chronic Renal Disease at "Mother Theresa" University Hospital Center


  • Jeta Ajasllari




experience, child, adolescent, chronic kidney disease, need


The aim of this study was to present a better understanding of the illness, needs of patients with this type of pathology. Participants on the interview were 15 children and adolescents of age 11-15 years old diagnosed at “Mother Teresa” University Hospital Center, Nephrology Department. To draw the study results it was used “Nvivo” software, where through a careful analyzing process were identified four key topics: Physical impact (medical treatment); psychological impact (anxiety, difficulties they face); impact on social relations (family, activities and relations with age mates); way of adaption (self belief, religious belief, multidisciplinary staff). The findings reveal the impact of the illness on the life of the patients all over the illness course. The main recommending of this study are based on deepened exploration of the patients’ perception of the illness setting up an appropriate program to support patients with chronic renal disease as well as their families.