Complex Adaptive Leadership: The case of a Mining Conglomerate under Reorganization Process and the Role of Leader


  • Blerta Haliti Baruti



Leader’s Role, Adaptive Management, Complexity, Mining Conglomerate, Reorganization Process


The purpose of this paper is to analyze leader’s role in unpredictable organizational world through critically analysing the leadership approaches and the roles of leaders in a mining conglomerate. Through a brief adaptive leadership literature review the paper presents main aspects of complexity theory, adaptive leadership, leader’s role in this framework and potential utilization of literature findings in real case of a mining conglomerate in Kosovo which is under reorganization process. Assenting to the literature the leader role has changed in direction of adapting the behaviour or leading approach based on the complexity of the environment that organizations are facing today. As anticipated the paper in fact, finds positive correlation of literature theory and practical use of several complex adaptive leadership aspects that the leadership of the mining conglomerate can consider during the reorganization process, with the purpose of adjusting their role accordingly to the complexity of the environment of the organization.