Social Care in the Modern Living of the Old People


  • Hava Rexhep
  • Ajsha Rexhep



social care, old people, needs, conditions, quality living


The old people are specific category of the population and they have common desires, interests, needs, lifestyle, attitudes, but in some way they are different in their origin, place of living, religion and economic statute. The old people as members of this specific category have a common sense of category. It is very important to emphasize that during the process of aging, the old people must be socially integrated, but due to different conditions they sometimes could be segregated, feeling unequal, even to be humiliated. This condition in the American literature is called "ageism".The main aim of this research paper is to acquire knowledge for the conditions and needs in terms of social care in the modern living of the old people, primarily the need of organized approach to the appropriate services, because the decreased capacities of the psychophysical opportunities of the old people complicate the independent living. The basic methodological approach is performed dominantly by descriptive-analytical method.In the frameworks of this research are also included the analyses of the relevant existing regulation (strategies, declarations and ect.) as well as plans for promulgating acts, programs and projects in the near future. Basic instrument for receiving data is the questionnaire with leading interview for the old people. The results received from this research lead us to the need of presenting the prior problems and prior old people groups for urgent acting, finding right approaches for caring of this, in important percent, present population.It is expected that the findings received from our research will serve as particular contribution in successful organization and realization of the contemporary social care of the old population in Republic of Macedonia.