The Attachment Relationship with the Mother and the Exploratory Behavior of the Children Aged 5-6


  • Flora Lamcja



attachment, relationships, children, behavior, exploratory.


Attachmentis the formation process of the emotional and stable relationship between a mother and her child. This emotional relationship starts to grow since the first days of the child’s life. The healthy attachment of the child and his/her mother creates the most important bond in a way that the child can be safe, courageous and persistent in his /her behaviors. This study is supported by this kind of perception and it is conducted with children of the age 5-6. There is also presented information, quotes, researches and ideas from education and psychological field for this study. There also presented several behaviors with concrete facts, data, and different experiences from the research who involved a group of children of this age. The aim of this study consists in the fact which affects the child with his/her mother in his psychological formation and his exploratory behavior. The experiment through games was another way for the data collection of the exploratory behaviors of these children. After the collection of these data, their process was elaborated in order to have concrete conclusions for the study. Consequently, these data showed that the healthy attachment between a mother and her child affects positively in his/her social and psycho emotional formation. The relationship between a mother and her child plays a significant role in the multidimensional process of his/her formation. The attachment relationship determines the long-term impact on the psychological characteristics ofthe children by affecting their worldview and in their perception of social environments.