Using Stories as a Teaching Strategy for Low-Motivated 9th Grade Pupils


  • Elona Ziu



motivation, stories, low motivated pupils, English skills


The teaching of foreign languages is a challenging and demanding process for teachers. Such a teaching requires skillful and qualified teachers in their linguistic and methodical knowledge with creative abilities to find, adapt, and present the teaching materials and use techniques that encourage motivation and learning of foreign languages especially with those pupils who have difficulties or don’t show interest during classes. In contemporary teaching, teachers use a range of techniques for the acquisition of English as a foreign language. A technique that is viewed as very efficient is the use of narratives. This study shows the effectiveness of narration for the 9th grade pupils who at the end of the academic year have to sit A2 level English exam. The study was conducted in one of the secondary schools of Korca.2 classes were chosen for the study. These pupils had a weak performance in English. The pupils of both classes took a test at the beginning of the study. For the next 3months with one of these classes, stories were used as a teaching strategy to help and motivate them to acquire English skills. At the end of the academic year both classes took another test which showed that pupils that used stories during English classes had better results.