The Role of Human Resources, Respectively Employment in the Sustainability of the Pension System in Kosovo


  • Nexhmedin Shaqiri



economic development, population, employment, unemployment, pension contributions, pension funds, pension.


The study will focus on the evaluation of social indicators (indicators of population, unemployment rate, employment rate, etc.) and economic development in view of the socio-economic stability of Kosovo. The impact of the financial resources of pension funds in the quality of payment of pension annuities will be presented as key factors in the socio-economic stability of Kosovo. The research question is "How does the human potential, respectively employment or economic development in pension funds, impact on the sustainability of Kosovo's pension system". The theoretical basis of this study will focus on the study of human resources, employment theories and theories of economic development. Methods that help the study of this problem include the extraction of indicators to provide information which serves to measure the factors that indicate the point of crossing the threshold of socio-economic stability. The key finding of the analysis is the impact of human resource potential in the economic development of Kosovo and its impact on the sustainability of the pension system in Kosovo. From the results obtained conclusions will be drawn on the assessment of current economic development, the proper use of human resources, the assets of pension funds and employment requirements. From a critical evaluation connected to this theme, the findings will serve to make the necessary suggestions for changes and improvement of the problem.