An Axiomatic Control for Rational Behavior of Political Leaders in Democratic States


  • Fejzi Kolaneci
  • Juxhen Duzha
  • Dea Kakija



rational behavior, stringent criteria, democracy, political leader, axiomatic system.


The main purpose of the present paper is to develop a new axiomatic system for the control or self-control of rational behavior of political leaders in contemporary democratic states. The axiomatic system is based on stringent criteria for rational behavior (proposed by A. N. Kolmogorov and R. Wilson) and contains 14 axioms. Axioms with ordinal numbers 4, 10, and 14 have a particular important role. In the present study we use Nash optimization principle, as well as a generalization of this principle developed by N. N. Vorobiev. The proposed axiomatic system is clear, meaningful and enjoys the lack of contradiction property.The obtained theoretical results are applied in Republic of Albania.