High Order Thinking Skills of Level Two Orang Asli Students in Rompin District, Pahang


  • Mohammed Yousef Mai
  • Marinie Binti Jalaluddin




Higher order thinking skills,Science education,Science Achievement.


Higher order thinking skills is an important aspect in teaching and learning. Students with higher order thinking skills are able to learn, improve their performance and reduce their weaknesses. In recent years the most serious issue in Orang Asli schools is the achievement of Aboriginal students in their academic subjects as compared to the mainstream students. The purpose of this research was to identify the level of Higher Order Thinking Skills among Orang Asli students in Romp?n D?str?ct, Pahang, Malaysia. The research sample consists of (150) Orang Asli students of grades 4-6 were randomly selected. A valid and reliable scale was used as a data collection tool.The findings indicated that Orang Asli students have below average level of HOTS on all four areas. Results show that students have average HOTS level on analysis, below average level on applying, while more than half of average level on evaluating, and the lowest level was on creating. Besides that, the findings also showed that there is statistically significant difference in gender on the level of Higher Order Thinking Skills in general and in the analysis skills; female students have higher level more than males do.