Challenges of Self-Management Techniques in Providing Better Classroom Settings


  • Sadullah Yılmaz



self-management techniques, effective teaching, challenges, classroom management


One of the key elements in having an effective teaching and learning atmosphere goes through classroom management that has gone through series of innovations, from animal leathers used to store data, cave walls used for talents and other purposes; to the alleged digital age, with digital tablets, touchpads, smart boards, special schools with utmost utilities serving both teachers and students spreading all over the world. Moreover, internet oriented education is widening the concept of school to anywhere, anytime. Nevertheless, different needs brought different approaches and strategies to solve the problems of classroom management. The 21st century self-management techniques require quite complex approaches. In today's world technological devices are part of everyday life as our needs brought us to overcome difficulties as well as making life easier. We started education on clay tablets, and had blackboards, then white boards, and now we are getting back to tablets, but this time multitasking digital ones. Smart boards, labs, and multimedia rooms are now serving educational purposes. Thus, in this article, together with aforementioned innovations, it is aimed to present some better ways that may help overcome today's challenges of classroom management in terms of self-management techniques. The set of 10 principles suggested by Thomas J. Zirpoli is dredged up to shed light on the issue or help instructors to develop their own techniques within the process of classroom management. The vitality of students' study skills and secure attachment are perceived in regard with redemption of overwhelming challenges of self-management techniques.