Albanian Universities and e - Learning


  • Luan Bekteshi



Information and Communication Technology, e-learning, lifelong learning, education, university, information.


Today’s society is undergoing great transformations in every sector. One of the most important transformations of the social life is the making of technology and internet available to masses. The technology and internet have also visibly transformed the education sector. The society is facing continuous challenges related to the competition, globalisation and the demand from the job market for qualified employees. These challenges go by side by side with the transformation of the education sector, where a great deal is being invested on the use of ICT, mass education, and the introduction of new methods and tools of teaching. The use of ICT and e-Learning is an important challenge faced by Albanian universities in the mission to improve the quality of teaching, students’ results, and mass education, and achieve the necessary standards. Priorities like equal access to education and lifelong learning would be only slogans without the use of ICT and e-Learning. Polls and interviews were conducted for this study, to obtain a view of the use of e-Learning and the approach to e-Learning in Albanian universities, and also of the government and universities policies. Conclusions of this study are obtained by processing data from questionnaires filled by lecturers in some of the main Albanian universities.