Albania, a Wonderful Example of Coexistence and Religious Tolerance


  • Evalda Jera



religion, tolerance, cooperation, people


If we refear to the history of humanity we note that the tolerance of human society is too early, it was born togather with the man. It should be noted that religious beliefs in Albania are and has always been characterized by a strong feeling and a sincere harmony which is reflected in the relations between people with different religious beliefs, as well as between religious people and atheists. Albanians are both Christian and Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox, and Bektashi. For centuries territories populated by Albanians has been remarkable for a unique interfaith tolerance. Religion has never been in the past and is not now a source of conflict in society. In the history of the Albanian religious, communities have always succeeded with a peacefully cooperation. This tolerance stems from the awareness of the Albanians that they belong to the same nation having a strong ethnic identity regardless of external factors affecting the determination of Albanians from other religions. In the Albanian national tradition, religious tolerance is one of the main characteristics of Albanian people morality . The interest of the nation has always been primary in relation to religious matters, it is first of all beeing Albanian. Albanian as well said Pasko Vasa in the nineteenth century "never churches and mosques can separate usbecouse the religion of Albanians is Albanianhood" and so, because of this we create a big example, a wonderful cooperation, a peaceful atmosphere and open the way for peace and friendship between people not only in Albani but worldwide.