Annulment of Assembly Joint Stock Company Decisions - Theory, Legislation and Practice in the Republic of Kosovo


  • Kemajl Ademaj



Assembly of Joint Stock Company, decisions of Joint Stock Company decisions with invalid character, claim and procedure for annulment of decisions.


The aim of this thesis is, treatment and give the response in question if the assembly of Joint Stock Company is obliged, to issue decisions in accordance with public moral, legal order, law and entrance regulation of Joint Stock Company. To give response in such questions, will be treated general theory aspects regarding notion of invalid decisions and causes that makes such decision invalid. Will be treated effects of invalidity or invalidation of decisions. We will try to found if is existed in the right of JSC in Republic of Kosovo, a solid theory, legal and practical base, initially for classification and than for annulment of assembly JSC decisions of the invalid character. We will try to show which are the basis from which in the judicial system continental and Anglo-Saxon states, are flow obligations to announce as invalid decisions of assembly of JSC. Will shows the consequences of invalid announcement of assembly of JSC decisions and especially will be treated claim for annulment of mentioned decisions and procedure for annulment of decisions. Will be clarified especially actual legislation in the Republic of Kosovo, which treat emphasized problematic and court procedure for annulment of mentioned decisions.At the end of thesis, will be given conclusions from findings from treatment and recommendation for actions in the future.