The Indices of Creative Cities: the Global and Local Aspects


  • Tomas Kačerauskas



creative city, creativity indices, global city, local region.


The paper deals with the indices of creative cities. Author analyses the different creativity indices suggested by both the followers and the critics of R. Florida. The author criticizes the Florida’s indices such as Bohemian, Melting pot, Gay, High tech, Innovation, Talent indices, as well as Minor integrative (diversity) and Major integrative indices. The indices of other authors presuppose the questions about the role of the region in defining certain creativity indices. The author makes conclusion that the uniform formula of creativity indices is impossible for two reasons. First, the creativity indices depend on the region of a city. Second, the very strategy to have the uniform creativity indices makes the cities similar to each other and no more unique, consequently, no more creative; as result, this strategy is anti-creative.