The Impact of Schools and Families in the Religions Perceptions of Children in Albania and Kosovo


  • Loloçi Rita Faculty of Education, University “Aleksandër Moisiu”of Durrës, Albania


Religion, School, Belief, Teacher, Students, Tolerance


This study aimed to identify children`s perceptions regarding the role of religion in their education, their religious belonging, the parent's role in their religious education, and the attitude they have towards other religions. To gather quantitative data regarding the opinion the 10-14 age children have on religion and religious education, a survey was performed in several schools in Albania and Kosovo urban and rural areas (720 students from 8 schools of Durres, 4 in rural areas, and 473 students from 8 schools of Pristina and the surrounding area). A questionnaire was used to fulfill the purpose of the research regarding the knowledge, attitudes, and the perceptions of 10-14 age group on religious education in schools. At the same time, studies of national and international authors were consulted for a better analysis of the problems raised in the questionnaires such as the role and the importance of intercultural education in the coexistence and the harmony between people of different cultures, the education on The Fundamental Rights, the role of the curricula in schools, the difference between families in the rural and urban areas and the effect of the parents’ education on children. The results of the study showed that children of this age group receive the first knowledge about religion from the family. An irreplaceable role in religious education has the media. The school involvement in giving knowledge on religious beliefs in both studied regions will positively influence pupil’s formation, eliminating this way the violation of other people religion that often is present in our schools and not only. A correlation between the tolerance of parents and the tolerance of their children resulted as the consequence of the care that families show to respect different religions and often even sects.