Religion - The Discipline of Restoring Communion Between People


  • Ionel Ene Prof. “Dunărea de Jos” University – Galați, Romania


religion, Christianity, school, education


We are tempted to make a hierarchy of disciplines, both in pre-university education, but sometimes even in university. Usually, the emphasis is on the disciplines in the real area, to the detriment of those in the human area. We go further and do the hierarchy in the same area and we have the feeling that physics is more important than mathematics, or chemistry is more valuable than technology and so on. As for the humanist side, philosophy and political science have long surpassed linguistics and history. In this context we ask ourselves: where is the place of theology or religion? To what extent can religion or theology contribute to the completion of the profile of the new man? As the importance of the spiritual component in the formation of young people is increasingly relativized and diminished, to the detriment of the somatic one, we wonder if religion was not misperceived and taught. This is why we would like to proclaim the truth about Christianity, which we should discover as clean and clear as spring water, in the discipline taught in schools.