Study of Signs of Discrimination in Labor Relations of Georgia


  • Ekaterine Gulua PhD in Economics, CEO of HPML, Assistant-Professor of TSU
  • Shalva Baghaturia
  • Nato Sikmashvili


Discrimination before employment, age, gender, appearance


The paper is dedicated to the study of equality and discrimination in labor relations of Georgia. The aim of the research is to study the demand of job suppliers on the Georgian labor market including the assessment of compliance with the principles of labor equality. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used during the research process. One of the forms of labor discrimination - discrimination before employment - was selected as the object of research during the vacancy announcement. 3719 vacancy announcements published from October to December 2020 were studied and they were analyzed on the basis of pre-established criteria. The research was conducted by “HR-Hub” and “Stream” research group. Group Leader: Shalva Baghaturia, participants: Nato Sikmashvili, Maia Shavliashvili, Ekaterine Gulua. The paper discusses theoretical issues related to the topic, international experiences, as well as the research results and relevant recommendations. The results of the research were broadcasted on Imedi TV in Georgia