Exploring the Labyrinths of Resilience: A Concept Analysis


  • Angela Bushati MA in “Childhood Studies and Children’s Rights” from “Freie Universität Berlin”, Germany. Bachelor’s degree in “Education” at the “University of Geneva”, Switzerland.


resilience, concept analysis/definition, research, children and youth at-risk, advantages, limits, possibilities


This literature review focuses on the concept of resilience seen through an analytical lens as presenting substantial possibilities and an enormous potential mechanism for children experiencing at-risk situations. In many different contexts around the world children face every day different life circumstances and difficulties. Many of these children will experience the “resilience” phenomenon or in other terms they will develop positive adaptation despite all the difficulties and adversities that they encounter. As we are more and more confronted with significant social challenges in many fields and areas of life, also in part posed by the 21st century, the use of the expanding and flourishing knowledge on the concept of resilience could be crucial in advancing and promoting possibilities and well-being for different individuals who are identified as being in a state of risk.