The School Library as An Active Support for Educational Achievements: A Survey Led in Secondary Schools


  • Azzedine Bouderbane University Constantine 2 / Institute of Documentation and Library Science
  • Bentayeb Zineb


education, school library, learning process, educational achievements, secondary schools


Several things have been said in the field of pedagogy. But, this does not prevent the appearance of new educational concepts. The world of pedagogy has practically no limit. In our study, we attempted to identify the impact that school libraries could have on educational achievements. The statement of the problem was strengthened by two main questions: Could school libraries play a fundamental role in improving educational achievements? Could school libraries integrate their resources as pedagogical supports in the educational process? In our visits to thirty school libraries in the city of Constantine, we were able to conduct a descriptive study and collect interesting data that we analyzed through a qualitative approach. Significant results were obtained. The latter globally showed via several indicators that the school library, on the one hand, contributed concretely to educational achievements, and, on the other hand, played an efficient role in the learning process by providing a variety of supports and services to the users.