Current Problems in the Mental Health Field


  • Kilda Çela Gusha Specialist of Public Health, Shkoder. Albania
  • Irena Shala University of Shkodra, Albania
  • Remila Kalo Kalo University of Shkodra Luigj Gurakuqi.Albania



current problems, mental, health, field


Mental health problems are conditions that do not meet the criteria for disease but affect the normal quality and continuity of everyday life. They are the emotional and psychological difficulties of the individual, which occur as a result of circumstantial or persistent stresses or of a reflection of the emotions between the individual and the environment where he lives (WHO, 2005). Health is seen as "not just a lack of sickness or disability," but rather as "a complete physical, mental and social well-being." This definition significantly expands the concept of mental health, which should not be defined in a restrictive manner as the absence of mental disorders, but should be defined in a positive and comprehensive view (WHO, 1985). Ultimately, mental health is defined as "a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own potential, is able to cope with daily life concerns, is productive and fruitfully in his work, and is capable of delivering his contribution to the community where he lives (WHO, 2001). Mental health problems are usually associated with important concerns in social, professional, or other important activities. In many cases, there appears to be a continuity between mental health problems and mental disorders, making the diagnosis even more complex (CDC, 2011). Policies and Legislative Frameworks. Law on MS – 1996. Implementation of LLL remains low as a consequence of inadequate infrastructure (health, social and legal). There is no national or local body to monitor human or patient rights in the institutions of the MS.Policy on the Development of Mental Health Services in Albania - March 2003. Action Plan for the Development of Mental Health Services in Albania - May 2005. Mental and emotional problems are a concern for many elderly people. Depression often occurs as a result of the death of a spouse or close friends. Even this kind of loss and even more important and more common is the loss of respect of others. With retirement an individual does not feel more useful to his family, to society, and even more to himself.