How to prevent youth crime in Macedonia?


  • Blerta Ahmedi Arifi PhD Cand. PhD Assistant on Criminal Law, Faculty of Law - South East European University, Tetovo - Republic of Macedonia



Prevention of youth crime, preventive policy, measures, social factors.


This research paper analyzes the policy of Republic of Macedonia on preventing youth crime. It gives a focus on some main points of the topic, such as: The institutional measures there are implemented to prevent youth crime, such as the legislation and the national strategies of the state; The analysis of the special and general preventive effect of the penal sanctions for children. Also, there is presented the analysis of the influence of some social factors as preventive measures for the youth delinquency, such as: The education system; The free time of the youth people; The role of their family; The economic level of the children’s families; The circle of persons who they accompany and the access to the mass media. During this study there are used some methods, such as: The literature review for this topic and the interpretation of the legal provisions for youth crime; The survey and the interviews made with secondary school pupils and the comparative method used for some social factors, as some like more relevant beside others for preventing the youth crime. The results and conclusions of this research paper will contribute on finding the most relevant measures on preventing the youth/child crime in Macedonia.