Conversion and the Truth of Tolerance


  • Ylli H. Doci



Conversion, inter-religious tolerance, interview, correspondence view of truth.


Exploring the environment of inter-religious interactions to find out about its nature and meaning, is done with many presuppositions in mind, which should be clear before we engage the subject. In this study we come with a certain view of what tolerance means and argue for the importance of distinguishing the view which allows for tolerance from the one that dissolves tolerance. We also seek to present the arguments for the needed ingredients which constitute a tolerant attitude and we cannot emphasize enough the role of conversion in determining the level of tolerance present in the environment of conversion. The element of conversion is crucial in defining as tolerant a certain inter-religious environment. Depending on the cultural context where conversion happens the consequences of conversion are felt in different ways. The anthropological approach seeks to understand the nature and the meaning of this phenomenon in its cultural context, where social and political dimensions are considered, employing ethnographic description and theoretical analysis.