Discursive Practices and Teaching Mediation to Support Learning in Mathematics and Italian in Primary School from Fenix Program


  • Daniela Maccario Associate professor of general didactics, University of Turin




Research-Development; Didactic Models; Didactic Action; Practical Knowledge; Discursive Practices; Professional Routines.


In order to define teaching principles to be adopted to support learning in Mathematics and Italian in primary school classes starting from the use of Fenix Program, the research was aimed at increasing the knowledge base available through the recognition of good teaching practices from the point of view of teachers in the form of professional routines. In a previous article (Maccario, 2016) we described some findings on the criteria that you can follow in the development of teaching sequences. This article presents a further order of the results concerning the dialogic-discursive structures that represent an important dimension of teaching mediation in accordance with the operational perspective of teachers. Also in this case it is phenomenology which refers to the practical knowledge as a source to be exploited for the construction of teaching principles and scientifically based knowledge in Didactics.