Future of Human rights in Europe: Opportunity or Threat


  • Mehdi Abbasi Sarmadi Kharazmi University, Law and Political Sciences Department
  • Reza Asadi Khomami




Fundamental Freedoms; Human Rights; anti-immigrant groups; united Europe


One of the fundamental pillars for the idea of unity in the Europe has been Human rights issues.in the introduction of the text of the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms has been Emphasized that The aim of the Council of Europe is to create more unity between its members and protection and further realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms, are ways to reach its fulfillment. The flood of refugees to European countries has created problems for them; Anti-immigrant movement in Europe is emerging which May be undermined the fundamental freedoms and human rights considered by European countries that compiled the convention.  On the other hand; whisper of separation from united Europe In some countries is heard. Activity of anti-immigrant groups can lead to reduction of freedom and can help to those countries which have a tendency to separate. Just as maintain and realization of human rights created united Europe; whether human rights is opportunity or threat for the united Europe? The article opens with a discussion of the role of human rights in Formation of European Union; it then offers a critique of policies that reduced the Fundamental Freedoms. The article closes with a discussion of the future of human rights in Europe.