Stress, and Deconcentration of Children in Learning, and Their Involvement in Work


  • Behxhet Gaxhiqi University of Gjakova - Faculty of Education, Gjakovo, 50000 Municipality Gjakovo, Republic of Kosovo



familiarizing, circumstances, influencing, the parents-family, social-cultural


The key research problem in this regard is familiarizing with the causes and motives of engaging children at work; and knowing the factors influencing in spreading this occurrence which is of a large extent and very concerning, for the fact that this occurrence is being increased every day more and more. The occurrence of studying these issues and familiarizing with the circumstances, also the impellent and motivating factors in this aspect, has affected the change of this situation to a large extent. The reason to choose this topic for research among others is the study method of this issue, since it is one of the most spread problems among children nowadays, because a number of them perform heavy duties and with destructive measures for their health as in the psychic aspect and also in that emotional one, but also in the bad construction of the child’s personality. However, on the occasion of knowing and studying of these circumstances today, we primarily have a better awareness as in this cases to the parents-family, social-cultural environment and also the society in general. Our research problem in this case will be “causes and motives of engaging children at work”. This will be our research focus in this regard.