Adolescents and the Challenges in their Motivation


  • Denis Çelçima Lecturer in “A. Moisiu “University of Durres/Albania



motivation, intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, demotivation, achievement, academic achievement, self - efficacy, public awareness, private awareness, parental self - efficacy, teacher self - efficacy. 1.


The study has the main object the adolescents and their academic achievements. It aims the determining of the motivation importance (in achievement and the relationship that exist between the dimensions of the internal motivation and the external one. [This instrument is used by the authors: Robert J. Vallerand, Luc G. Pelletier, Marc R. Blais: Nathalie M. Birriere, Caroline B. Senecak; Evelyne F. Vallieres, 1989; 1992]. Self - esteem and also the role of public and private awareness, is established in adolescence, when still in the transitional period the free space facing violated in psychological impact, which require bold initiatives in the field of education.